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This Car Diffuser with essential oil is the perfect way to keep your car smelling fresh and inviting! Its refillable design ensures you get a long lasting scent, while the included scented oil adds a pleasant and calming aroma. Enjoy your favorite scent every time you enter your car.


Diffuser opens on a hinge. Just add three drops of oil to the felt pad and magnetically close the unit. Fits onto car vent with clip. Add more drops of oil as scent evaporates.


Oil is vegan friendly and not tested on animals.  DO NOT DROP OIL ON POLISHED/PAINTED SURFACES

Car Diffuser with Essential Oil (vegan)

SKU: 0500
  • Keep away from children. May be flammable as contains oil. As with all oils keep away from polished surfaces. Use gloves when changing or adding oil/felt pad.

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